Thursday, February 05, 2009



Maison Folie Wazemmes. Lille. France
from 30 january to 1 march 2009.

Mikostik, Johnone, La Yeah, Remed, Fefe Talavera, Jeff Aerosol, Isham, 4 letters.


perturbano said...

Maadre miaa que boniito, ¿quien te lo hizo?? jajaja
Lo mas seguro es que bajemos mi hermano y yo para este findesemana, asi que nos pintaremos algo demencial .
besos bandita

pepa prieto said...

ola fefe
Que tal vas?
Tas por madrid?
Muy chula la pieza!
A ver si pronto nos vemos!

Maaandi said...

so beautiful *--*

About Me

Sao Paulo, Madrid, Brazil
Fefe Talavera’s monster paintings are metaphors for strong and subconscious human emotions like anger, fear, dreams or desire. The colourful fantastic beasts which she connects with the “dark side” of her inner self stand for the artist’s cultural roots as well as the primary and powerful energy of her work in the streets all over the world. Born in 1979 Fefe was brought up as a native half Mexican, half Brazilian in São Paulo where she lives until today besides her second home in Madrid, Spain. Interested in all kind of “underground” movements, the typical and unique stylistic freedom of the internationally renowned Street Art and Graffiti scene of her hometown made an important impression on the artist. Her raw creative energy thus found much more correspondence in the angled, tribal-like style she developed while working in the streets, than in her studies in fine arts which she finished with a Bachelor at the FAAP in São Paulo. Showing at galleries and accepting certain rules, limits and intolerances of the art market system represent a contradiction for Fefe who is mainly interested in finding public ways to express herself and a common way of communication.